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Hoffman Building

Featuring one of the most elaborate brick facades in St. Louis, The Hoffman Brother’s building originally served as a produce market. Actress Betty Grable—the #1 pin-up girl of the 1940s and Hugh Hefner’s inspiration for Playboy magazine—developed her “million-dollar legs” working summers here at her grandparents’ produce market. In the mid-1930s it was taken over by the Ferman Tent Company. In late 2019 Advantes Group still found the building, located at the corner of Lucas Ave and 2nd street, to still have some legs left in her and has since pinned 21 luxury apartments and 15,000sf of retail and office space under its roof.


Greeley Building

Once home to the “dry” grocery house of Carlos S. Greeley, The Greeley Building’s cast-iron facade was re-exposed in 1980 bringing a bit of history back to life. Just over  40 years later the building has been repurposed and rexposed again now housing 36 luxury apartment units and over 20,000 square feet of Office and retail space including a rooftop venue with unrivaled views of the Gateway Arch National park, historic Eads Bridge, and the Mississippi River.

PainCourt Building

Paincourt Lofts building offers a prime location in the historic Laclede’s Landing neighborhood sitting at the corner of Laclede’s Landing Blvd and 2nd Street the building is situated directly across the street from prime parking and caddy corner to the neighborhood dog park. 

Peper Building

Built at the end of the 19th century to support the growing tobacco industry in St. Louis, the Christian Peper building once stored valuable leaves prior to processing. Today, the structure has been updated and enhanced to offer spectacular views of the Mississippi River and iconic Gateway Arch. Enjoy upscale amenities, thoughtful finishes, spacious layouts.

Old Judge

Originally built for the offices of Scharff & Bernheimer, one of the largest Mississippi River shipping firms of the era, this building was purchased by Old Judge Coffee in 1918 and converted into a factory and spice warehouse. Come for the spice, stay for the neighborhood in beautiful Laclede’s Landing!

Trader Building

Once used for storing and blending whiskey, this building was likely raided as part of the infamous St. Louis Whiskey Ring in the 1870s. The scheme ran an extensive network of bribes to distillers, IRS agents, and elected officials in order to defraud the federal government of liquor taxes. Legend says the money was used to finance the second presidential campaign Ulysses S. Grant.